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A Fully-Scripted Worship Design Studio Series for Advent 2018

This year is the 200th anniversary of the debut of "Silent Night, Holy NIght." This hymn has become the best-loved moment of many Christians–even those who only come to church once a year. Something mystical occurs as we light our candles and sing the hope of "calm and bright"–peace and light for the world.

Join us as we are inspired by the stories of this song and celebrate the renewal of love and light for our time and our communities.

Advent Series Materials:

• Four Sundays in Advent

• Christmas Eve

• Sunday after Christmas

• All music suggestions plus

scores for original music

• Children's Time scripts

• Sermon fodder

• Visual and Media ideas

• Small Group materials

• Special at-home family time rituals


"I am so excited about this series and cannot wait to share it with you! It is a timely and hope-filled message for our day. And it will energize your team and congregation in anticipation of the Advent season."

Get Advent/Christmas worship done IMMEDIATELY

with full scripts for a season filled with the good news of

love and light for all people 

Why this series?

The classic hymn, “Silent Night,” first made its debut 200 years ago on Christmas Eve, 1818 at the St. Nicholas chapel in Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria. The melody by composer Franz Gruber is instantly recognizable from the first few notes, and the original text by Joseph Mohr has been translated from the original German into over 140 languages. In 1914, just four years shy of the 100th anniversary of “Silent Night,” the soldiers fighting World War I along the Western Front held a ceasefire in some areas out of mutual respect for the holiday. Members from opposing sides exchanged gifts and stories with one another, played games, and sang Christmas carols together, including the beloved hymn “Silent Night.” Today, churches all over the world gather together each year on Christmas Eve to join hands, light candles, sing “Silent Night,” and participate in a timeless tradition of inimitable ritual power.

Our fully-scripted Worship Design Studio series, “Calm and Bright: 200 Years of Silent Night,” was developed for the 200th anniversary of the titular song. At the time of this writing in 2018, our communities, our churches, and our world are torn and divided about many issues of cultural contention. Families fight, politicians argue, flame wars spread ignorance and hate on the Internet, and sometimes we feel that hope, peace, love, and light are missing from our lives. It is our sincere prayer that this Christmas will be a time of ceasefire from our own sources of conflict. This year, we will raise our voices in song to celebrate the birth of Christ with spirits of peace and love that transcends all barriers.

Dr. Marcia McFee has been known for creating deeply meaningful and memorable worship for over 20 years. In her Worship Design Studio online coaching website, subscribers have access to 11+ years of worship series with ideas for every Sunday, designed specifically for mainline Protestant churches with a variety of worship styles.

These fully-scripted worship series have become the "go-to" for churches across the country. They come complete with prayers, litanies, communion liturgy, familiar hymns and song suggestions (with alternatives for various styles of worship), original music, leader transitions completely written out, and ideas for visual and media elements–all adaptable for your context.

Here's what pastors have said about previous fully-scripted series:

"My struggle as a solo pastor in a small church with a very limited part-time staff that I don't seem to have time for creating and writing worship experiences. Your Advent series has been such a blessing to my ministry and has really recharged my own faith life and creativity in worship. Thank you for your fully scripted worship."

"I am feeling like my true self as I worship. I am excited to have my creative juices overflowing like a mighty river instead of the flow from the faucet!”

"Never thought it would work here at all, but I took a chance and they loved it. I enlisted some creative folks who really got into the spirit! Thanks Marcia McFee!!!"

Scripting is a life-changing experience. It helps with flow and deepening experience…  all held in this wonderful container that allowed us to hold onto a connecting thread throughout."

"Nothing short of amazing.  My congregation's feedback was so positive - "felt more spiritual,” “underscoring added to the service 10 fold!"  I personally LOVED the children's messages, and the liturgy content, and the ability to adapt for my church!”

See the scriptures and synopsis for each worship service HERE


Get an overview of the order of worship HERE


See a demonstration of the opening "threshold moment" of the worship experiences

and the original theme song HERE



Making sure you are covered for all aspects!

Full scripts for Advent, Christmas Eve and Sunday after Christmas - These scripts give you everything you need to create what Dr. Marcia calls a "sensory-rich" worship experience that flows and keeps us engaged. We make various suggestions for different worship styles and you adapt for your context!

Resources for Children - Once again our children's worship guest expert, Mark Burrows, has come up with delightful and easy scripts to follow, making sure all parts of the service are consistent and focused on the theme. The prayer responses for this series are short, simple and rhyming so that children can learn them and join in, keeping them engaged throughout the service. We have also created an at-home family ritual with a DIY Advent wreath with battery-operated tea light candles that children can turn on during the week.

Visual and Media ideas: Our main symbol for this series is "light" and, specifically, the Star. We've come up with a lot of fun ideas for you to create a beautiful and worshipful environment and your creative team will have so much fun adapting our ideas for your space!

Music Notes: Dr. Marcia has teamed up with our musical guest expert, Chuck Bell, once again with an original composition to begin every service that goes with the liturgy of lighting the Advent wreath. We also have a very special original song for the series by guest expert, Marsha Jean Moors-Charles, that is arranged for choir and/or band. We will be asking YOU to video your singers doing this song's refrain by candlelight so we can produce a video compilation for Christmas Eve!

Small Group Suggestions: Instead of a book study for this series, we have created a structure for you to have "mission kit" parties where people are putting together kits for various purposes. Some examples include: baby kits; flood buckets; first-responder appreciation kits. Each worship service includes an opportunity to present these, laying a representative kit (or all of them if you are a small community) near the manger. In this way we are spreading "Calm & Bright"–peace and light to the world.

Sermon Fodder: Preachers will write their own sermons but we give you some "fodder" as foundation for the theme each Sunday to prime your creative juices!

THERE'S MORE! Dr. McFee is first and foremost a teacher and coach

and wants you to learn from your experience.

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